Let Me See You Do That Yoga

So, yes, I started to go to yoga. This is what happened.

One of my best friends in the whole entire world had been asking me numerous times during the summer to join her in one of her yoga classes. Now, it wasn't that I was apprehensive about doing yoga-I thought it looked fun. I didn't particularly want to take time out of my morning (aka my sleepy time) to go to a yoga class. Besides, I had standardized tests to study for and college essays to write. However, I finally caved into the peer pressure (and the promise of some good quality iced coffee afterwards) and went to my first yoga class. I went to what they call "Vinyasa Yoga" or sometimes referred to as "Flow" yoga. I walked into the studio and immediately smelled the strong scent of incense mixed with summer air coming through the open windows. It was calming, for sure. I walked with my friend to get mats, met the very peaceful, very zen instructor, and made our way into class.

Now, my friend and I, I have to admit, made a lot of yoga jokes before (and still after) I even stepped foot in a yoga class. We would go back and forth saying the other needed to "clean their Chakras" or needed to "cleanse their negative aura" at the next available yoga class asap. I never suspected that a joke would turn into actual seriousness into learning about centering myself and being aware of what my body is feeling or trying to communicate. I learned where my body held the most tension (my shoulders) and became more aware of when I needed to stop, take a second, and let that tension go, girl.

Yoga surprised me. It surprised me not only in realizing that I was more flexible than I thought I was, or feeling my competitive side surface as I pushed to keep up with the more experienced people in class, but also in making me more aware of how my physical body is connected to my mental capacity.   After yoga, I actually felt so much calmer. I felt relaxed, opened up, and tension-free. Yoga went from a distant obligation, to an activity that I started to crave and prioritize twice a week on weekdays. I started going to the studio alone and enjoyed the tranquility and relief within myself.

I guess my point is that life surprises you when you allow it to do so. If I had never "caved" into pressure from my friend to go to yoga, I would've never discovered a physical exercise activity that I actually could stomach for more than five minutes. I wouldn't have had such a lovely and enlightening experience if I didn't give it a chance. Let this little yoga expedition be a inspiration to try something new-who knows? You may even end up at a yoga studio near you :)

Ps. If a yoga studio is not affordable for you, or is not available to you, there are plenty of free, fantastic online classes through Youtube! One of my favorite Youtube yoga instructors is Yoga by Candace!

I incorporate her 15 min Morning Yoga Video into my daily morning routine!