Online School Life - How does it work?

I’ve been homeschooled for most of my life. While the original reason for this education choice was strictly for academic advantages, it soon became a choice out of necessity in order for me to pursue my acting career. Over the years, I’ve been asked numerous questions about being homeschooled: Do you actually have to do work? Are you in contact with other students? Do you get lunch? (Yes, I’ve actually been asked this question.) Yes, I indeed do work, yes, I am in constant contact with other students, and (gasp!) yes, I actually do, in fact, eat food. Recently however, I’ve been involved with an online education program that has greatly improved my academic experience. The program is called The Dwight School Open World Program. The Dwight School is a very prestigious, high performing private school located in Central Park, in New York City. Dwight now offers an online program for students like me, who want academic rigor, coupled with the pursuit of careers outside of High School.


     In this program, I take numerous Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses. Although participating in these challenging classes can seem scary or overwhelming, Dwight has made this experience so amazing, and honestly has truly expanded my academic knowledge.


How is the program?


     One of the great aspects about the program is the support you receive from your coordinators. The coordinators genuinely want you to succeed, and are proud of your successes. They truly take your success personally.  They are also there to encourage you when classes seem overwhelming. The program Director, Jaya Bhavnani, is so lovely. She and I have hand picked my classes to tailor to where I want to attend college, and to challenge me in every way possible academically. I am always welcome to contact my teachers for any reason, even if it’s just to say hi!  


     Another amazing plus to this program is the sense of community that would not be expected through traditional online programs. In Dwight Open World, I am encouraged not only academically, but socially. Dwight has managed to create a community through the lens of a computer. I am always welcome to visit the school to talk to my instructors in person, or to attend any program or events Dwight has to offer. This fact is especially important to me, because I wanted an academic experience where I would not only have a great academic career, but also make connections between other students and teachers. Essentially, I wanted a school away from school; and I got it.


Hard at work ;)

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