Life Isn't a Movie...or is It?

I've heard about a million times that life just "isn't like the movies." Yes, there are those Hollywood, picturesque, perfected scenes that are clearly dramatized (especially about teenage life). However,  I would disagree that life isn't at least a little like the movies.

Ever since I was a little kid, I have had this strange view of life and those around me.  I have always seen my life as if I were watching through a movie lens, or I guess, through "rose colored glasses." Now, I would not consider myself a"head in the clouds" romantic teenager who wants a John Green written romance and an Francis Ford Coppola directed life (although, who wouldn't?), but I do see moments in life that are movie-esque and dreamlike. Is this view idealistic? Yeah, probably. But, I think it's totally ok to recognize those moments in life that you wish you could record on film, and play them back over and over again. For me, it's about remembering that time I accidentally went to a NYC Rooftop Party, or that time my friend and I met a teenage magician at the mall in the tenth grade. These moments could be something someone said, something you did, somewhere you went, or something you saw. Really, anything. It's those moments where you feel butterflies in your stomach out of excitement, fear, or anxiety. It's about recognizing those moments, and appreciating them.

I keep a journal so I can record these moments, and when  I go back and read the entries, it feels like a special piece of me is still there, stuck in that moment of time. Then I remember that moment truly felt like a movie. See, it's not necessarily about thinking idealistically or dramatically, but it's about admiring and recognizing those moments in life that are special. Those special, unplanned moments are what directors take weeks and weeks to produce in a single scene on film.

So, in other words, our lives are movies. Our lives are what directors and Hollywood try to mimic. So, what I'm saying is we have to appreciate who we are, and see our lives as something useful, or inspiring, or even cinematic. Maybe life doesn't always have the right lighting, or people go off script, but it's those spontaneous moments that truly make a "movie"or ha, life come alive.



See ya.


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